Gardens in Russia

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Gardens in Russia

Russian gardens do not tend to feature prominently in garden-related books and journals, and comparatively little is known about them. Those that are best known tend to be the royal parks and gardens around St Petersburg, such as Pavlovsk, Peterhof and Tsarskoye Selo. My mission is to stimulate interest in the lesser known gardens of Russia, and also to track the ongoing development of garden design in this fascinating country.

Gardening in Britain tends to be regarded as a middle class pastime, and much of our garden tradition is fundamentally different from that of a nation that was first tsarist, then soviet. But in today’s Russia people increasingly have disposable income and leisure time to spare, and garden design is an emerging profession.

I hope that these pages of the site will encourage garden lovers to recognise that Russia offers a wealth of natural beauty – not just in its internationally renowned royal parks and gardens, but also in its peaceful country estates and even modest vegetable plots in city suburbs.

More images will be added to this site in the coming months and years; do please keep returning to the gallery to watch it grow. Meantime, for anyone wishing to know more about gardens of the tsarist era, a good starting point is Peter Hayden’s book ‘Russian Parks and Gardens’ (publ. Frances Lincoln).